Student Support 服务


TRIO-Student Support 服务 (TRIO-瑞士) is a federally-funded student success program that works. Nationally and at bg真人游戏注册, TRIO-瑞士 participants consistently accomplish their educational goals at higher rates than non-participants.


TRIO-瑞士 participants get these services and more:
  • 建议 including information about majors, course selection and career counseling
  • 辅导, both face-to-face and online
  • 奖学金 totaling $5,000 are awarded each spring to two or three outstanding TRIO-瑞士 participants
  • 资格 to apply for state and regional TRIO scholarships
  • Transfer assistance
  • Financial aid information and application assistance
  • Personal finance and college funding training
  • Equipment lending
  • Free on-campus printing
  • Student activity group with leadership and service opportunities
  • Workshops, several with lunch served
  • Trips to university campuses and cultural attractions
  • Textbook lending library supported by the TRIO-瑞士 student activity group
  • 指导


关于 75% of bg真人游戏注册 students potentially qualify for TRIO-瑞士, but the project is limited to serving only 200 participants. You are eligible for TRIO-瑞士 if AT LEAST ONE of these things is true:
  • Neither of your parents received a bachelor’s degree before you were 18
  • OR you have a documented disability
  • -OR you have a low income, according to the federal definition of a low income

TRIO Current Year Low-Income Levels
1人 - Maximum income:  $22,590
2人—— Maximum income:  $30,660
3 people - Maximum income:  $38,730
4 people - Maximum income:  $46,800
5 people - Maximum income:  $54,870
6 people - Maximum income:  $62,940
7 people - Maximum income:  $71,010
8 people - Maximum income:  $79,080
* Effective January 11, 2024

For family units with more than eight members, add the following amount for each additional family member: $8,070 for the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia and outlying jurisdictions; $10,095 for Alaska; and $9,285 for Hawaii.

And ALL of these things are true:
1. 你是美国人.S. citizen or permanent resident
2. AND you are majoring in any AA, AS, AGS, or AAS degree plan
3. AND you have an academic need:
    -Test scores below ACT recommended levels
    -Been out of school for 5 years or more
    -Low high school or previous college grades
    -Received a GED
    -Need to raise grades for program acceptance or transfer
    -历史 of withdrawals and/or repeated courses
    -Other predictive indicators

How Do You Become One of the TRIO-瑞士 200 Participants

Fill out a TRIO-瑞士 application (to receive an application, visit the TRIO-瑞士 office in M185), call 870-391-3314, 电子邮件 玫瑰, or ask any bg真人游戏注册 advisor). After that, just watch your bg真人游戏注册 电子邮件 for a notification from us.

TRIO-Student Support 服务 is funded by a grant to North Arkansas College from the U.S. Department of Education.